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Ceramarket is the e-commerce platform of SERI S.r.l. launched for online sales of traditional ceramic products and designed to meet the needs of hobbyists, artisans, professionals, companies, public institutions and schools.

Ceramarket is owned by SERI S.r.l. who created it with the aim to offer a direct service to its customers, with updated and reliable information both in technical terms, use of products, safety and environmental impact.

Seri S.r.l.supports its customers in all cases investments and skills are too onerous for small industry, both in organizational and economic terms, introducing and tuning standardization, methodologies, systems and tools.

Seri S.r.l. does not necessarily operate directly in the mass marketing of products or consultancy and training services identified and developed. In fact, products and services are mostly marketed by partner companies or branch. This approach allows SERI to pursue a constant research mission on products, methodologies and production technologies, also independently from commercial logics. At the same time, it distributes the added value of the solutions sold to the partner companies.

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Fall 2010
Seri was founded by Mariano Renda to offer technical services to the ceramic sector industries
Spring 2012
Attracts its first investor, Byglass, who allows to start manufacturing ceramic products.
Summer 2014
Studies and puts into production new type of glazes and engobes for the industrial brick sector
Winter 2015 - 2016
Complete the distribution network and points of sale for traditional ceramic products in Italy.
Spring 2018
The internationalization process begins, starting the search for foreign partners and customers in the EU market.
Spring 2020
Gets launched Ceramarket, the multibrand and multivendor e-commerce platform for traditional ceramic products.

Why choose Seri srl - Ceramarket

Customer support

An expert team always available for your requests


Enamels and colors customizable to your needs and expectations

Research on materials

Research services to study new products or particular effects

Technical works

Technical services to suit products to yours working conditions

Special projects

Technical and commercial assistance focused on your special projects

Dealer Consulting

Technical and commercial assistance to improve sells and profits

Fast and Dynamic

Direct and immediate answers to your requests

We make your ideas concrete!

Our experience becomes suggestions and service to allow you to finalize your expectations in beautiful products. Each idea is a new challenge to bring together our solutions and your excitements.