Ceramarket is the e-commerce website of SERI S.r.l. to sell online products intended for traditional ceramics, designed to meet the needs of hobbyists, artisans, professionals, companies and schools.

With Ceramarket, SERI S.r.l. intends to offer a direct service, with updated and reliable information in technical, use, safety and environmental impact terms.

SERI S.r.l. is a manufacturing company with complete industrial equipments to produce glazes and colors for ceramics. It has a qualified laboratory constantly engaged in development of new products and in quality control before sale.

SERI S.r.l. offers its customers a timely and appreciated after-sales assistance service and consultancy for the creation of customized products and complex solutions, included helping development of ceramic production processes.
In addition to Ceramarket, the online information and sales service, SERI S.r.l. can count on a stable commercial network made by selected reseller partners. They are present with their respective sales points in the main Italian ceramic cities, where it is possible to receive informations and advices as well as find the selection of most suited SERI products to local production.


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Fall 2010
Seri was founded by Mariano Renda to offer technical services to the ceramic sector industries
Spring 2012
Attracts its first investor, Byglass, who allows to start manufacturing ceramic products.
Summer 2014
Studies and puts into production new type of glazes and engobes for the industrial brick sector
Winter 2015 - 2016
Complete the distribution network and points of sale for traditional ceramic products in Italy.
Spring 2018
The internationalization process begins, starting the search for foreign partners and customers in the EU market.
Spring 2020
Gets launched Ceramarket, the multibrand and multivendor e-commerce platform for traditional ceramic products.