Ceramarket Logistics

Logistics services are available to sellers and solve one of the main problems behind each online sale. All you have to do is to send us your products. We will take care of storage, delivery to customers, customer support and returns management.

Your products are stored in our warehouses at no additional cost for the first month. It means that if you sell your products within 30 days from their arrival in our warehouse, you will not pay anything for the storage services.
Beyond 30 days the cost of storage is 20 € + VAT per month (whole or partial). Fill in your product sheet to find out about any particular restrictions or conditions depending on special type of product. You can have your stored and unsold products back at any time, simply by requesting them.

When we sell your product, we immediately ship it, using the best couriers and advantageous economic conditions.
We provide online customer support and tracking systems.

Logistics services may include final packaging of your products. Carrying out these operations correctly can contribute to customer satisfaction, to protect products and to reduce delays.
Our services include the use of adhesive tape, bubble wrap and other shockproof materials.

Ceramarket will handle products for you in gift packages, for customers who require this particular additional service.

Customers who purchase your products on Ceramarket buy under clear rules and reliable services for all logistical aspects, with dedicated and specialized staff for these activities.