Under Sharia rules, online gambling is recognized as a significant crime. Included in this study, we receive the next gambling web sites to be blocked in the united states.

Under Sharia rules, online gambling is recognized as a significant crime. Included in this study, we receive the next gambling web sites to be blocked in the united states.

Blocked betting internet sites

Acknowledgement of limitations

The results of the study current various limits, nor fundamentally echo a thorough look at internet censorship in Malaysia.

Initial restriction are from the testing cycle, which started on 24th September and determined less than 2 months after, on 13th November 2021. As such, censorship events which might bring happened before and/or after the tests cycle commonly examined as an element of this research.

Another constraint to the study try linked for the amount and forms of URLs that have been tested for censorship. As mentioned in the strategy area of this document (a€?Creating a Malaysian examination lista€?), the requirements for choosing URLs that are strongly related Malaysia had been biased. The URL option bias had been affected by the center objective of the study, which sought to look at whether web sites showing governmental criticism and defending real person legal rights comprise clogged. Also, while a total of 1,618 various URLs happened to be tried for censorship within this research, we would not sample all the URLs on the web, suggesting the chance that various other internet sites not included in examination records may have been clogged.

While system proportions happened to be gathered from two neighborhood vantage details in Malaysia (AS4788 and AS17971), OONIa€™s pc software studies were not manage from all vantage points in the united kingdom where various censorship events have occurred.


This study produces information that serves as proof the DNS stopping of 39 various web pages in Malaysia. Since block pages were identified for every among these web sites, their particular censorship is confirmed and unquestionable.

The blocked web pages feature reports outlets, blog sites, and a popular writing program (average). These sites were apparently very first blocked in 2015 for within the 1MDB scandal and, per all of our results, remained clogged in the examination duration of this research (24th September 2016 to 13th November 2016). Although the preventing of those internet sites happens to be justified on the grounds of nationwide protection under point 233 regarding the 1998 marketing and sales communications and Multimedia Act (CMA), these censorship activities seem to be politically inspired.

Between the blocked sites, we located a website that conveys hefty complaints towards Islam. Within the Malaysian context, this great site can be viewed inciting hatred towards Islam and its censorship can thus getting justified under Malaysiaa€™s Sedition operate 1948 which forbids the incitement of hatred towards any faith. We furthermore found a prominent online dating service as clogged, although determination and/or legal justification behind its blocking continues to be unclear.

Included in the research, we located numerous adult, gambling, and torrenting internet to be obstructed, which can come under the tens of thousands of sites that were announced getting obstructed from the MCMC. The censorship of pornography could be lawfully warranted within the Malaysia marketing and sales communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998, even though the blocking of gaming web sites can be rationalized beneath the typical games Houses operate 1953 (work 289) and under the share gambling operate 1967.

On a confident note, some previously obstructed sites (Bersih rally web sites) had been found to be easily accessible. No signs and symptoms of censorship happened to be detected when examining the access of social media marketing, censorship circumvention equipment and LGBTI sites, and we also wouldn’t detect the clear presence of any a€?middle boxesa€? ready doing net censorship. However, this does not mean that censorship devices is certainly not contained in the country, but just that these specific reports were unable to highlight their position.

OONI and Sinar job inspire transparency around online controls to simply help boost the secure of human being rights and democratic processes.

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